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When you learn that you need a root canal, you may feel intimidated at the thought of it. However, root canals are a safe and effective way to restore the health and structure of a tooth.

A root canal prevents further damage from occurring within your tooth and keeps the infection from spreading throughout your mouth. Patients in Fischer’s Landing and surrounding areas can rely on Oakes Family Dentistry to perform their root canal treatment.

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Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

A root canal may be the right treatment option if the pulp within your tooth becomes infected. This happens when a cavity has been left untreated, allowing bacteria to spread below the enamel. The pulp in each tooth contains nerves and connective tissue that aid in the defense of teeth structures. When infected, the swelling places enormous pressure inside the tooth, causing discomfort and requiring removal of the pulp. 

Infection occurs over an extended period of time, meaning that poor dental hygiene practices are usually the reason why you may require root canal treatment. It’s important to brush, floss and see your dentist regularly in order to protect teeth.

Performing a root canal is preferred due to its ability to preserve the structure of your natural tooth. While extractions are common and can save the overall structure of your teeth and gums, removing teeth often involves more invasive tactics to replace them. When possible, Dr. Oakes uses this conservative approach to dentistry to maintain your natural teeth.

Pain-Free Root Canals in Vancouver

Dr. Oakes begins each root canal with an examination to assess the severity of the damage. Understanding the extent of your infection will help Dr. Oakes determine how to perform your treatment. At Oakes Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves on pain-free root canals using sedation techniques. Oral sedation grants patients an easier procedure, allowing Dr. Oakes to perform comprehensive dental treatment while ensuring the comfort. 

You will feel no discomfort during your root canal, and to help you feel comfortable beforehand, Dr. Oakes will explain each step so you understand exactly what will happen.

Restoring Your Smile in One Day with CEREC

Part of your root canal treatment involves the placement of a custom cap that restores the top of your tooth. Traditionally, fabricating crowns takes weeks at a time, but with CEREC technology, your crown is completed the same day as root canal therapy. Dr. Oakes takes impressions of your teeth, which the CEREC machine uses to mill a porcelain crown specified to the structure of your teeth.

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