Same-Day CEREC® Crowns in Vancouver to Restore Your Smile

same-day crowns in vancouverAt Oakes Family Dentistry, Dr. Michael Oakes strives to maintain your smile’s function and aesthetics through exceptional dental techniques and treatments. Should one of your teeth become damaged, our practice offers same-day dental crowns to restore its size, shape, and functionality.

We firmly believe that everyone should have access to affordable, high-quality dental care. Our practice accepts most insurance plans and offers CareCredit so you can invest in the dental care you need. Whether you’ve been coming to our dentist for years or are a new patient, we are excited to welcome you as a member of our dental family! Contact Oakes Family Dentistry at our Vancouver office to schedule your appointment with us today.


Traditional vs. CEREC Crowns: Which is Right for Me?

differences between traditional and cerec crownsSame-day crowns can be a quick, efficient way to receive the dental restoration you need. Knowing the differences between CEREC and traditional crowns and talking to Dr. Oakes can help you choose which one is best for you. A crown is a protective cover that completely fits over a tooth that is damaged, decayed, or has undergone treatment for a root canal. The crown acts to protect your vulnerable tooth from future damage.

Receiving a traditional crown typically involves two separate appointments. During your first visit, an impression of your teeth is created. We use this impression as the model for your custom crown, which takes two weeks on average to arrive from a dental lab. While we wait for your permanent crown, a temporary composite crown is placed on the affected tooth.

With CEREC technology, on the other hand, a custom-fitted crown is created and placed during a single visit. We use a CEREC milling machine to carve your crown out of a block of porcelain. Your new porcelain crown will match the natural color of your teeth as closely as possible.

Porcelain crowns are high-quality, durable restorations that will last you for many years if properly cleaned and maintained. After your tooth is prepared, Dr. Oakes fits the crown to your tooth and makes adjustments if necessary.

Our team is happy to discuss the differences between traditional and CEREC crowns with you when you visit our office. We want you to feel equipped to make the best choice for your unique dental situation.

Why Would I Consider Getting a Crown?

reasons to consider a cerec dental crownPeople consider dental crowns for a variety of reasons. Some want to enhance their smile’s appearance, while others need to restore a decayed tooth. Some of the most common reasons to receive a crown include:

  • Altering the tone of a discolored tooth
  • Protecting a decayed or damaged tooth
  • Anchoring a dental bridge
  • Strengthening a tooth that’s chipped or cracked
  • Restoring a tooth after root canal therapy
  • Treating an unexpected dental emergency

Should a dental emergency occur, please get in touch with our office as soon as possible so we can assist you. If you need to replace a lost or damaged crown, Dr. Oakes and his team can address your situation.

5 Key Advantages of CEREC Crowns

CEREC crowns are made from top-quality materials using modern techniques and technology. Here are five benefits CEREC crowns can offer you.

  1. One Convenient Appointment: To receive your CEREC crown, you only need to schedule one appointment. Since the entire process of creating and placing your CEREC crown is done in a single day, you don’t need a second visit to complete your treatment.
  2. An Improved Appearance: Since your new crown is crafted from porcelain, it blends smoothly into your smile. It can improve the look of your smile without seeming out of place.
  3. A High-Quality Crown: Dental-quality porcelain is strong and meant to last for years. If you properly maintain your crown and see our dentist for regular cleanings, it could last for over a decade.
  4. A Comfortable Fit: By using the most advanced dental technologies in milling and digital imaging, CEREC crowns are made to fit precisely. This treatment allows for fewer post-placement adjustments and a comfortable, even bite.
  5. Improved Oral Health: Placing a CEREC crown can reduce sensitivity and prevent decay from spreading to adjacent teeth.

Taking Advantage of CEREC Same-Day Crowns to Protect Your Smile

Dr. Oakes and his experienced team are here to help you keep your smile shining for many years to come. If you’ve been searching for a quick, effective treatment for damaged or decayed teeth, CEREC crowns may be the perfect solution. Contact Oakes Family Dentistry in Vancouver today to learn more about whether this treatment is right for you!


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