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Vancouver CEREC Provider - Michael Oakes, DMD - Same Day Custom Made Ceramic Restorations

When you need a crown or restoration, it may be weeks before the final product is placed on your tooth. With CEREC® in Vancouver, however, patients obtain their crown in a single day. Michael Oakes, DMD provides porcelain crowns made within the span of your visit, restoring your smile more efficiently. When you have tooth decay or dental damage that requires expert crown work, you can rely on Oakes Family Dentistry located north of Cascade Park to provide custom crowns are nearly indistinguishable from real teeth.

We deliver custom crown work to rebuild dental function and protect our patient’s beautiful smiles. Contact Oakes Family Dentistry today, and see how same-day crowns can make a difference in your dental care. Call us at 360-695-6066, or use our online form for easy scheduling.

Same-Day Crowns with CEREC® in Vancouver

Dr. Oakes is passionate about utilizing CEREC to enhance our patient’s care. CEREC is an in-office milling machine which fashions restorations using digital impressions of our patient’s smiles. Our crowns are made of dental porcelain, mimicking the beautiful qualities of natural teeth. Designed to last and be resilient to wear and tear, our crowns offer many benefits including:

Restored Dental Function
Resistant to staining
Uniform look in the smile

As a conservative option, crowns help patients retain natural tooth structure. When decay threatens the integrity of your teeth, a crown becomes the final step in root canal therapy. These porcelain restorations are aesthetically pleasing and allow patients to eat and chew normally, providing nearly the same strength as real teeth. 


After your restorative treatment is complete, CEREC and our digital impression technology permits our patients to receive their restoration before ever leaving the dental chair. Digital impressions take precise scans of your unique smile and allow Dr. Oakes to design your porcelain crown in detail. The machine then gets to work creating a crown from a cube of porcelain. After it is color-matched to your teeth, the crown is placed and polished for a smooth and perfect fit. We ensure patients stay comfortable while the restoration is being made. 

This technology helps us get patients back to daily activities more efficiently, also allowing busy individuals to achieve full treatment in less time. 

Don’t Wait for your Crown, Call our Office

Patients that visit Oakes Family Dentistry for crown work can skip weeks of waiting, and avoid the need for a temporary crown. Our experienced dental team works hard to make sure you have efficient and comfortable dental care. Get in touch with us today and experience the difference that CEREC can make in your restorative care.